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About Us

VARIAR AIR TECHNIC ENGINEERS has vast experience in design, manufacturing, supply of commercial kitchen Exhaust system, commercial kitchen equipments and air pollution control equipments.

Our Customer base spread across industries like.....
  • Hospitality Industries,
  • Industrial Canteens,
  • Educational Institutions,
  • Hospital, Hotels,
  • International Schools, Processing Industries
  • Educational Institutional and Bakeries
  • Flight Kitchens etc.



VARIAR AIR TECHNIC ENGINEERS know that keeping your business running safely, smoothly, and efficiently is not an easy task - especially if your equipment is not operating at maximum potential. You know that your exhaust and ventilation systems are a vital part of your daily operation. Variar will help keep these systems performing at their very best.

With regular commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning and maintenance these systems can run at maximum efficiency and minimum hazard. That means lesser worries, less interruptions, and more margin. Interested in our services we'll send a sales representative to your location and provide you with a free estimate which will completely detail the proposed work, provide recommended frequencies for reservices as well as providing a complete pricing package.

Variar can provide you with professional service you can count on.

We guarantee it!
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