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Packaged Air Coolers Overview

Central Air Cooling Solution

Being the world’s largest air cooling brand, we have been catering to varied cooling needs since our inception back in 2005. We have the largest range of residential coolers suitable for a variety of room sizes, climatic conditions and usage preferences. With the acquisition of we introduced Central Air Cooling Solutions for large spaces such as factories, warehouses, large halls, etc.

Despite having such a wide range, we found a huge requirement of air cooling for spaces that fall between residential and large commercial spaces. This inspired us to develop and introduce Packaged Air Coolers. These Packaged Air Coolers are being manufactured in using Indian technology and are being sold in South India. We now introduce these Packaged Air Coolers in Chennai. These are compact systems ideal for medium sized spaces. The capacity of these air coolers is measured in tons of air cooling. We brought this technology from our South India plant to India and will now also manufacture these Packaged Air Coolers in Chennai.

Packaged Air Coolers are ready-to-fit compact units ideal for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential usages, where a constant flow of fresh filtered and cool air is required. These packaged air coolers offer several remarkably superior advantages over air conditioners and are also suitable for spaces where air conditioning is otherwise not feasible.