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Variar offers a single stainless steel table to a complete commercial catering kitchen, is manufactured in house and quality checked prior to delivery and installation by trained engineers.

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Professional Kitchen Equipment Essentials

Whether you're starting a catering business and fitting a kitchen from scratch or just updating your existing restaurant kitchen there are several key pieces of equipment that are guaranteed to make life a lot easier for your kitchen staff!
  • A Stove Top - Every professional kitchen needs a stove top, ideally an induction one as these are much more energy efficient, cook food a lot faster and don't radiate as much heat as traditional gas hobs.
  • A Combi Oven - An oven that has several functions is a great space-saver in a professional kitchen. Rational ovens are a popular choice for many restaurants and gastro-pubs as they are fairly compact and have the capability to cook, bake and steam a variety of different foods.
  • A Deep Fat Fryer - Ideally a kitchen should have two deep fat fryers as a minimum so that fish products can be fried separately to avoid cross-contamination with other foods for customers that may have a fish allergy.
  • Microwaves - Several microwaves are always handy in a commercial kitchen as they're the easiest way to reheat pre-pared food for quick service.
  • A Griddle - If your restaurant serves any steak or burgers then a flat or ribbed griddle is essential to achieve the best flavour for your customers. A water vapour chargrill is another great piece of kit for griddling without producing unnessary smoke and will produce moist and tender results. Recently the French style plancha grill has become a popular way of producing succulent results for all types of griddled food.
  • A Panini Press - If you plan on serving lunches or light meals then a Panini press is a must. Paninis are incredibly popular so they're a good addition to most menus.
  • A Grill - They are usually found on wall mounted shelves above ovens or can be sited on a special built in stainless steel shelf unit attached to an induction cooking suite, so they don't take up unnecessary space. A grill, or salamader grill is essential in a commercial kitchen as it's the quickest way of finishing the tops of dishes such as lasagne, deserts and pies along with toasting bread and heating up garlic ciabatta bread.
  • Hot Cabinet - A hot holding cupboard and a bain-marie are essential in fast paced kitchens where food is prepared and kept warm ready for serving. This allows for much quicker service usually.
  • Commercial Dishwasher - Busy restaurants use a lot of crockery and cutlery on a daily basis so it's important to have a dishwasher that can handle near constant running during service.
  • Fridges/Freezers - It's important to have an adequate amount of chilled and frozen storage within the food preparation area for items that are needed regularly throughout service. It's also vital to have plenty of back-up storage as well in a separate area.
  • Pans/Utensils - It's vital to have a good variety of pots, pans and utensils for all purposes. Make sure they're stored safely and within easy reach of the food preparation area; there's nothing more annoying for a chef than needing a spoon and not having one immediately to hand!
  • Kitchen Exhaust Systems - A commercial kitchen creates a lot of steam and fumes with all of the different equipment running and cooking food releasing grease into the air so it's important to have an adequate ventilation system. An extraction canopy sucks the greasy air and gases out of the kitchen and an air input system or air make up system provides fresh air back in.‎


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dining section

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Choosing Commercial Kitchen Equipments

From small cafe shop to large restaurant establishment, when choosing catering equipment there are several points which need to be considered: Is your commercial kitchen equipments choice ....

  • price competitive
  • of best quality
  • suitable to produce your menu
  • the correct size to suit ur kitchen
  • energy efficient

To enable the smooth running of your commercial kitchen equipment you also need to consider what will happen if equipment fails. It is therefore important to consider the following when making your equipment choice:

  • warranty period covered
  • service backup facility

Variar commerical kitchen equipment we not only offer free advice on catering equipment supply, but also, on all heavy equipment purchases, we offer a free site survey on request. This helps us to establish site access, current mechanical and electrical services and ensure kitchen exhaust systems requirements are met.

Commercial Kitchen Design

The aim of planning a kitchen is to achieve a work area which creates maximum efficiency and safety and keeps wastage of labour, energy and material to a minimum.

Whether it's a large or a small commercial kitchen layout for a restaurant, hotel, canteen or pub, the following design principles apply and should be considered when creating good workflow in the kitchen:


  • Ensure delivery vehicles have good access to your establishment and where possible direct access to the cooking area.
  • Allow adequate space for dry, chilled and frozen goods to eliminate the need for delivery personnel to enter the food prepration area.

Food Preparation area

  • Consideration should be given to segregating raw food from prepared food although this may not be possible when space is limited.
  • Position preparation area between bulk storage and main cooking area.
  • Ensure adequate preparation sinks, hand wash sinks and pot wash sinks.

Cooking Equipment

  • When choosing cooking equipment always consider your type of menu.
  • Where possible, the installation of energy efficient cooking equipment should be considered. By installing induction cooking equipment, combination ovens and energy efficient grills not only will you save on energy costs but this will also speed up the delivery of dishes to customers and cut down the amount of time spent on cleaning and maintenance of cooking equipment.
  • When designing the layout of a professional kitchen safety and workflow should be thought about carefully.
  • Make sure that the flow through the kitchen suits your style of service. speed cook equipment such as fryers, griddles should be positioned nearest to the service point and bulk cooking equipment area such as convection ovens, combi ovens and boiling pans furthest away.

Mechanical And Electrical Installations

  • Consideration should be given to the type of services available. In remote areas a gas connection is not always possible. variar commercial kitchen Equipment's induction hobs and cooking suites offer an ideal alternative to traditional gas cooking ranges.
  • Always check the incoming electrical supply is able to cope with equipment specified, a 3 phase electrical supply may also need to be installed.
  • An important part of a well designed kitchen is the service spine or service manifold. Within this structure most, if not all of the associated services can be located for equipment situated around it. This is usually installed as an island unit and incorporated into the design of the fresh air ventilation system.

Kitchen Fresh Air Ventilation Systems

  • Commercial kitchen Fresh Air ventilation or Air cooling system is a key part to your Restaurant kitchen and where gas cooking equipment is specified there are stringent rules and regulations and gas safety interlock systems need to be installed.
  • An alternative and economical ventilation system solution, which does not require expensive gas safety interlocks, is an all electric kitchen including induction hobs and commercial induction ranges which variar manufacture to order.

Food Service Kitchen Area

  • Adequate space for holding hot and cold food prior to service should be allocated. The provision of heated gantries will help food to stay hot and a correctly designed food service area will enable the smooth transition of dishes from the kitchen to the dining area.

Dishwasher cleaning Area

  • The dish washing area is of paramount importance to the successful running of a catering business. Consideration should be taken to providing enough space for the storage of clean items as well as disposal of rubbish and waste food. Variar Commercial kitchen Equipment manufacture dishwasher tables and complete dishwashing systems to suit exact kitchen requirements.
  • A steam canopy may need to be installed in order to remove steam produced during the dishwashing procedure, variar manufacture stainless steel condensate exhaust system to suit all requirements